Thrill Seeker

We have all heard commercials for the latest blockbuster that end with words like,  “This will be the thrill of your life!” 


Or maybe you have been on that long line, wilting in the sun, while those ahead of you pile into the cars of the roller coaster, hoping to experience the most thrilling ride ever. 

There are many thrills to be had.  Whether it is the summer action film, the amusement park, the work promotion or the new house, they are all exciting things.  But they are transient.  The lights turn on, the cars stop and reality steals the surge of that last moment.


The queeziness rises up from your stomach and you wonder if the roller coaster was such a good decision after all. 


The promotion involves more work and politics than you expected. 


The mortgage is just a drain on your freedom. 


These earthly thrills eventually leave us empty and in the end they take from us instead of give.

But there is another thrill.  A thrill that never ends. 

It is being in God’s company.

That thrill remains regardless of the situation, because He is the adventure of a life time.


Dark days may come, but He is your light. Psalm 27:1


You may walk in the valley… but He is the mountain. Psalm 125:2


You can have great joy, but He can bring you higher still. Psalm 18:33

The Lord is the answer to every thrill seeker, for He promises…

Your eyes will shine, and your he

heart will thrill with joy.…  Isaiah 60:5


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