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food-before-and-after-front-page-001In the beginning, God gave humanity a list of food to eat, but that menu has changed.  In heaven, we will revert to our original diet.  Yet as Christians what are we to do during this in-between time between Eden and the New Earth? This short book shows how we can begin eating according to God’s word. It has nine recipes and tips on how to begin making the change from unclean to clean food. This book is a great way to introduce the difference between clean and unclean meat to friends and family. To read online, click HERE




Comfort Cheesecake has 12 gourmet plant-based cheesecake recipes plus valuable information on God’s idea for human attachment and comfort food.  In this book we want you to see the love of Christ in the biblical content discussed and learn to see your food as a gift from God.  To read fill the form below 






Satisfy Thy Mouth is an all plant cookbook developing the concepts found in Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White and has 150 recipes. This book shows that true health is not a struggle with appetite and desire. Instead, it teaches that healthful changes are given by God as He fulfills his promise to satisfy you with good things. This book elevates good eating from the mundane into a realm where it expresses God’s love. Then you will eat well and be well.  To read online click HERE






It may be that the noise generated by the mundane drowns out the silent screams from your empty heart. It may be that like me you have startled from sleep because you were crying – not weeping tears from the fictional drama of dreams – but crying guttural sobs without explanation. In that darkness, you cannot deny that you would give up everything to have the soft crooning of a voice that would die for you. But here is the thing, the song has been sung and the life has been given. It’s just that the melody has gotten lost in the noise of the day. So, I’ll repeat the lyrics. Read them slowly and let the silent tune flow deep into your heart. Believe the words and test the author. Let Him convince you of His love through these songs.  God has written love songs for you.  To read online click HERE



Bible stories have instructions for all life’s problems.  This study examines how Jephthah’s daughter chose to yield her future to her partially converted father.  Her story can be applied to many of today’s young women.  I wrote this study to share with a young woman whose parents did not approve of the young man she wanted to be in a relationship with.  She took the Biblical principles to heart and laid the relationship down.  As providence would have it today she is very happy with that same young man.  To read online click HERE