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I love thinking about Keziah.  She was a child born after sorrow.  The Bible tells about her father, Job, and how he survived devastating tragedy.  In one day he lost his home, business and children.  The postscript to his story says, “So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning.”  Job 42:12.  Part of that blessing was three daughters; Jemima, Keziah and Kerenhappuch.

As the middle girl, Keziah was blessed.  In Jemima, she found a mentor, friend, and someone to lean on.  Being an older sister let her bequeath her own point of view to Kerenhappuch.  To me being the middle sister must have been a beautiful place to live.  There was always someone to turn to and always someone to serve.

The apostle Paul says, “…aged women…teach the young women…to love.”  Titus 2:3.  Every woman is implicated in that verse.  We are all older than someone and all benefit from our more experienced friends.  We are also all called to teach love.  But that only happens after we have learned love.  Keziah’s House was built to inspire you to godly love in thought, word and action.  Here you will see love relating to life.  Our spaces demonstrate that God’s love can be unpacked and applied everywhere.  In the kitchen, you will have access to recipes, home remedies, and health information.  The study is furnished with items that will advance mental and moral fitness.  The family room adresses marriage, childrearing and relationships.  You are welcome here at Keziah’s House.  We invite you to make this your home away from home.  Wander through our spaces learning love then go and teach love.

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View More: http://biancavalentim.pass.us/nathan_silzie_weddingI would like to introduce myself to you. I am a wife and a mother of four.  I have spent time as a daughter, middle sister, student, registered nurse, college professor, chef, divorced woman, single parent, mother in a blended family, and grandmother.  Through each season the Lord has been an almost palpable companion.  Even though I have not always allowed His touch to lead, He has shared His love with me daily.  He is the source of all good things I know.

In 2005, after my repeated comments that our area needed a place where people could learn healthy plant based cooking, my husband said, “Why don’t you start a cooking school?”  I was stunned.  It had not occurred to me that I should translate a burden for my community’s health into anything more than a complaint.  That is how “Satisfy Thy Mouth” cooking classes began.  While teaching I realized the participants were hungry to learn more than just cooking.  They wanted to learn about gardening, homemade cleaners,  parenting and homeschooling.  I began presenting information and realized the facts alone were insufficient.  The Lord used that experience to teach me that there is no real-life merit in knowing that lemon and oil make a great wood polish.  It is true that the homemade polish is better than store bought, but life is built on more than the things we see and use.  Doing things in a healthy or natural way doesn’t bring joy.  It is love that makes us happy.  We are created, redeemed and defined by the love of God.  Keziah’s House is built by me, my family, friends and acquaintances that have experimented with Biblical love and want to share their experience with others.  Rosa N. Warner

My Siblings and Me, 1962

Anna the oldest in center. Iris the youngest sister on right. Tony the brother with Anna and me, the middle sister, on the left.

Anna, the oldest, in center holding our brother, Tony. Iris, the youngest sister, on the right and me, the middle sister, on the left.


Deborah Silva Perez

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A mother of three, Debbie experienced the Lord sustain her through a difficult divorce.  God has been her constant companion as she raised three teenagers.  She is now married to Mario Perez, her college sweetheart. Her greatest joy is in the blessing of her children, her husband and her God.  She works at the Human Resources Department at the Illinois Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist.



Alicia St. Hillaire Mannfamily

My name is Alicia, and I am the mother of three beautiful little girls. My family is my life. I created a blog, The Modern Biblical Family to share some of my stories as a parent, wife and daughter, and hopefully spread some love and encouragement along the way. God blessed me with a uniquely twisted sense of humor because he knew there was no way I would get through it otherwise!  But I believe that LOVE is the biggest factor in building a Godly family.  My hope is to share the incredible beauty God has shown me throughout my life. Things have not always seemed great from the inside looking out, but even through the tough times, God has always been able to make shining jewels from the wreckage in my life.

Cherie White


Cherie enjoyed home schooling her son for 11 years.  She is married to Larry and works as a nurse.  She enjoys the piano, gardening, cooking and being active at church.







8186258866_f86f7d9583_oHope is a pseudonym.  She told me, “I have so much baggage to unload and leave with Him who is able to handle it!  I just have to keep coming to Him with my heartbreak, anger, frustrations and fears.  “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.”  2Timothy 2:7  I have learned there are scores of families in exactly the same situation that we are in, so we pray for them as well as our own.



Nikkita Warner

IMG_0032 (1)Nikki lives in southwest Michigan with her family. She has a unique way of connecting with children and plans to use that gift as a teacher.